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Introducing the finest Crypto Mining Platform...!

MY BTC is turning out to be world’s one of the leading platform for trading and mining.
We believe in the world of sharing economy and decentralization, thus we have created next generation tools and platform for Crypto miners & traders.

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How To Get Started

We give you a chance to experience a profitable investing journey where you can invest in small amounts and earn bigger returns in a short amount of time.

Create account

Fill in your required details and create your account. Give your complete and updated details to start trading.


Your details will be verified quickly and you will signed into your account.

Start earning

The right investment decisions are essential in creating a better future for yourself and better earning opportunities.


By choosing us, you are investing in a company with extensive investment experience, who know exactly how to increase capital

We have six different investment plan to choose from, this suit everyone with any financial status. You can start investing with as small as even 100 dollars

You will get a direct income of 10% and binary income of 10%. A great way to create your own structure that will generate additional income

There is no need to have any investment experience or special knowledge to start earning with us

Instant and timely processing of withdrawal request. Your withdrawal are processed instantly upon request

24 hours customer support 7 days a week. Our customer support service is always online to response to your question and provide support at whatever time the need arises.

Our Promising Features

With continuous development cycles, we are always striving hard to bring out the best possible user experience and security to our customers all around the world.

Easy usage

MY BTC MINING is an ideal platform even for beginners. It works very easily and smoothly. Its user friendly nature helps is to provide a great user expeience.

Spread out globally

As we have our customers spread all over the world, our aim is to provide them with service which will help them to increase the trust they have on us.


MY BTC MINING is an absolutely secured platform for trading and mining. To keep your cryptocurrency secured will always be our first priority.

Expert Solutions

We have an expertise team to solve each and every issue or query you will have while working on MY BTC MINING.

Why Choose Us?

Crypto Mining is our Core Passion.

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