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The cheapest metaverse land to buy?

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According to a Fortune story citing statistics from Meta Metric Solutions, the smallest plots of land on prominent metaverse platforms Sandbox and Decentraland are selling for 3.7 ether and 3.46 eth, respectively, which amounts to around $11,717 and $10,957.

Fortune discovered that the smallest piece of land accessible in these digital worlds is a 1x1 plot, which corresponds to 96 square meters in the sandbox and 16 square meters in Decentraland for a user's avatar. According to the article, these little parcels of property sold for a fraction of ether, or less than $1,000, in March of last year.

According to DappRadar, virtual land has become a "hot commodity," with pieces selling for hundreds of thousands to even millions of dollars. An insider previously reported that a block of land in the Sandbox sold for a record $4.3 million in November.

As he starts to rent out land in high-traffic virtual locations, one metaverse tycoon believes his digital real estate holdings will be worth ten times the purchase price.

The metaverse, a digital realm in which individuals may live, work, and play as avatars, has gained popularity after the corporation formerly known as Facebook renamed Meta as a symbol of the firm's concentration on the future internet, also known as Web3.

Why should you buy metaverse land?

There are two primary reasons why you would wish to own land in the metaverse, much like in the real world. The first option is usually the safest — you want to utilize it for something specific, such as building a house to live in or a business location. When we say "dwelling" in the metaverse, we truly mean having a location to call home, where you can show off your belongings and maybe even invite friends over to hang out. It's similar to having a personal website in the early days of the internet before everyone switched to social networking. Individuals will utilize metaverse "homes" to express their personalities online or to keep their collections of unique digital treasures. This is the least hazardous rationale for wanting to buy metaverse land - because you're more likely to acquire what you want from your acquisition!

What are the prospects for investing in metaverse real estate?

In the long run, this will be determined by the metaverse's future. Certainly, several extremely large and prominent corporations, ranging from Facebook (formerly known as Meta) to Microsoft and Nvidia, are wagering big that it is the "next generation" of the internet. If that is the case – and the metaverse becomes as vital to business and society in the next 20 years as the internet has been in the previous – then digital real estate is likely to become an increasingly intriguing and useful commodity. We adore the possibility that technology provides us to grow audiences and create fascinating new products and services, and the metaverse could be the next big thing — even more immersive and time-consuming than the web and social media that came before it. This points to a bright future for the digital land and real estate sector.

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Apr 29, 2022 4:58 PM

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